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Crash (?)!

Discussion created by Dale Rosema on Nov 29, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by Charles Culp

I recently had 2008 installed. The project Iam working on was sent to me by a designer earlier this year(April/May). We have a directory where we keep a read-only set ofparts. Yesterday I went to open the assembly (tried 2-3 times) andhad SolidWorks kick me out completely. I have tried rollingforward/not rolling forward, rebuilding now/not rebuilding now butto no avail. Any thoughts or suggestions as to why this may beoccurring? Should I go back to each and every part and make sure2008 hasn't flip a vector in a chamfer or some of the things that Ihave seen 2008 do? Again, the directory is read-only, so I knowthat nothing has changed from that stand point from a few weeks agoexcept that I can't open up the assembly now. Thanks, Dale