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SolidWorks FAIL, Can't import this extremely complex part...

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by Brian Brazeau

Hello Kiddos.  It's me again.  The ZTG complainer.


For those of you at SWX, here is an excellent example of a part that I can't import because you refuse to address the problems with the kernel.


And here is the ominous part:





Wow, it's a simple lockwasher, and SWX can't import it correctly or repair it.  Many of you can immediately see why, there is ZTG at the intersection of the helix.


Obviously, somebody's CAD system generated this without issue.  So it would be nice if I could likewise import it without issue.


Yes, I understand that only Neanderthals use spring lock washers.  Yes, they should have left a gap.  Yes, I can spend precious time finding an equivalent part or remodeling this part, but this part is just an example of a problem I see hundreds of times a year.


The next part in the assembly that wouldn't import without errors is this one:




Same issue I believe.  ZTG where the spring goes solid.  NO possibility of repair without some big effort on my part.


And the third part that failed:




ZTG again, let's zoom in on one of the little triangles on top:




The cut at the tip of the arrow is flush with the outer surface creating ZTG.


Three failed parts in a small assembly of maybe 20 parts, all because of ZTG.


Please, before you go off on a tangent with 3D Experience, or whatever other fantasy, fix the core program!!


On a lighter note, a friend had a shop and hired a high school kid to help clean.  One day he came in and all is split-lock washers were gone.  He asked the kid what happened to them and the kid said that he threw them out because they "were all broken".