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please  review the SW 2016 SP3

Question asked by Ben D. on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Ted Neff

I would like to ask users who have already installed sp3 to review this release.


I have read that some important bugs have been fixed, e.g. Pack and go loosing references - fixed. Also, the old icon colors are partly available due to possibility to set the "Classic" color scheme, which might be important for some users.


But still, some users report quite problematic new bugs, like this:

SW 2016 issue. Links between components Global Variables in assembly are broken.


So, I would like to ask users who already use 2016 SP3 daily with average load and above (assemblies with some 1000+ components, or parts with large feature trees, external references etc) and can evaluate this release and if it is already safe to start working with. Bugs, stability, performance, new UI appearance etc.


As long as moving from 2015 version - there is no way of turning back, so I am interested if this is already good and safe enough to turn to.


Thank you for your advice