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SW API Userform error - Invalid qualifier

Question asked by JOHN GEORGE on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by JOHN GEORGE

I was trying to modify a userform to add custom properties and getting this error " compile error - invalid qualifier"

Below is the porion of the code I tried to modify


PropName(0) = "DrawnBy"
PropName(1) = "DrawDate"
PropName(2) = "Description"
PropName(3) = "Number"

For P = 0 To 3

If PropName(P).Text <> "" Then
Prop = Model.AddCustomInfo3("", PropName(P), swCustomInfoText, "")
Model.CustomInfo(PropName(P)) = PropName(P).Text

End If
Next P


I am getting the error line 8  "PropName"

This will work if I replace PropName with it's value for each properties. But I am trying to combine the values

Can anyone help me to solve this problem