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SolidCAM2015 + SolidWorks + EPDM = ???

Question asked by Chris B. on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by David Somekh

Anybody else having issues between SolidCAM 2015 and EPDM?


We upgraded to SolidCAM 2015.  Now the CAM data is bundled within the SolidWorks .sldprt file.  It used to be saved as a separate .prz file.

This new method seems to be causing issues with our EPDM system.


When we open the first file from the EPDM vault with SolidCAM data, it works fine.  We can see all the CAM data.

However, when we open a second file from the EPDM vault with SolidCAM data, it says "CAM MILLING not found" for the FIRST part.

No matter how many parts we try to open from the vault, SolidCAM is still hung up on trying to find the CAM data from the very first part.


If we close SolidWorks and start a new session, we can open another file with CAM data just fine.  But again trying to open a second file with CAM data fails.


Outside of the vault, we can open as many CAM data .sldprt files as we want, it works fine.  As soon as we open one from inside the vault, we cannot open any more, whether inside or outside the vault.  It gets hung up trying to open the CAM data from the first file we open inside the vault.



It's counter productive to have to close SolidWorks every time we want to open a different.sldprt with CAM data.

Has anyone seen this before?
Is there any fix?



EPDM 2015 (Build 15.4)

SW 2015 SP4

SolidCAM 2015