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Extrude cut inside a wavy part

Question asked by Thiago Omena on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Paul Salvador

Hi, I am a little new to Solidworks, and I am trying to learn more by doing projects, but now I am stuck.


I am trying to create a case for some headphones, but I cant create the extruded cut the shape I want inside of the case for the headphones. I was able to do only on the bottom. I want the extruded cut to be within 10mm above the bottom and top walls. So it has to increase in some parts to follow the top wall. (look at the picture for better reference, it is kinda hard to explain) The red line is what I am trying to extrude cut.


I would also like to create a fillet around the entire part(except the straight part that I will mirror) including the insides. I was able to do in some locations but not others, and I don't understand why.


After this I plan on cutting this part in half at the top of the bottom fillet(see picture).