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"Open by another application"

Question asked by Jory Blagden on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Jory Blagden

Another daemon possessed SW2016 issue. I now repent for every ill word I ever spoke about SW2015. Please forgive me.




Open SW2016 SP1.0 and click "open."

Got to the data card on a drawing and enter signatures and dates so they populate in the title block. Click "save."

Open drawing. Confirm sigs and dates populate. Check.

Click print and export pdf's.

Click save as and export dwg files.

Click "check in" and the POS says...."file open in another application". I hit cancel.

The blueberry tab in the right margin still shows the green "local file is newer than the vault" icon....but the drawing name at the top of the page now shows "Read-Only."

If I click on "check-in" again, I get the "following files have been modified in Solidworks but are not checked out....blah blah blah" crap.


This is ridiculous. The only way to enter sigs, save pdfs, export dwgs, then check it in and change the state of the file is to close SW2016 after the pdf and dwgs are saved and get back in. Then it works fine.


Really efficient when I need to release a dozen drawings. Bravo.


Has anyone else seen this issue? Does an update to SP2.0 fix it? I keep reading where SP3.0 will come out. Maybe it will before the next legendary Country Singer dies I see promise of colors returning but any promises of non-crashes are greatly anticipated.