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[URGENT Help] regarding accuracy/mesh settings in flow simulation of axial fan

Question asked by Pratham Singh on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Shar Fa

I am a college student, and as part of our final semester project, we need to analyse an axial flow fan.

As per my knowledge, it needs a very refined mesh, at least near the rotor blades.
So for that, i have used Local Initial mesh to refine meshes in my rotating region.

Things i have tried are:
1) automatic settings, with slider on 3.

2) automatic settings, with slider on 8.

3) non-automatic settings, small solid features refinement level - 8 (this doesnt seem to help at all btw), Curvature refinement level : 6.

4) non- automatic settings, everything similar to setup 3, but with Enable narrow channel refinement, characteristic number of cells across a narrow channel : 20, narrow channel refinement level: 3.

I have selected local averaging as rotation analysis type.


so the problems are:
1) Mesh doesnt seem to be fine enough to give accurate results. i have tried many different settings, but no effect. mesh count has gone up from 10k to 280k, but mesh still isnt fine enough near the rotor blades. and if it wont be fine there, the result can not be proper.
2) The results i am getting are very very variable. i want them to be precise at least, if not accurate.

3) the way solidworks adapts a very fine mesh in fea analysis, specially near curvatures, such thing dont seem to be happening in flow simulation.


a help will be highly appreciated, as we have only aroud 15 days to submit our final report, and i have spent a lot of time trying to get a good enough mesh on solidworks, but unsuccesful as of now.
btw, i am using sw 2015