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First Time surfacing- suggestions?

Question asked by Jonas Woerlein on Apr 17, 2016

First post ever. I am creating a hand-held tool for a school project. Being a consumer product it's supposed to look sexy and marketable. The tool, roughly speaking, is suppose to have a similar feel and have a similar purpose to a sawzall. I have been using SW for years, but mainly to create very mechanical objects so surfacing is new to me. My question is what I should have done differently as far as ease of creation, efficiency, model flexibility etc. It took me two days of trying around until I finally got started, and what I ended up with is not very flexible to design changes. Additionally, I am unsure of the best way to create a complex surface in general, as far as preferred methods etc.


Any pros out there that could tell me what I should have done is greatly appreciated! the file is attached, I plan on remodeling the entire thing soon.