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    what does the static simulation mean?

    Hao Tang

      in general, what does the static simulation mean? I fix a wall and it's a cantilever beam and apply 200 N of force on it. Does it mean I am instantaneously applying 200 N of force on the beam, say like dropping a 200 N brick onto it? Or am I pushing 200 N of force for 1 second and then letting go? Or?

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi, what a static simulation refers to in SolidWorks is the following:


          - Loads are considered static and unchanging - The simulation software assumes that loads are applied slowly enough to ignore any inertial effects from the material


          So in a static simulation there is really no concept of time, in your case it's like applying a load of 200N to the cantilever beam and holding it there indefinitely.


          Hope this helps


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              Hao Tang

              Thank you Prasad! I have another question if you could help clarify.

              I'm doing a static simulation of 200 Newtons on a beam secured by bolts. There are three ways the beam is secured: two bolts, one bolt on the side, or one bolt on the front. The results are weird.



              Two questions: Why would having two bolts and one bolt on the side create so much displacement as opposed to the one bolt on the front? Why would the beam displace in the x-direction(up and downward) when my force is in the +z direction (into the page)?