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    Slow response SW2016

    Richard Wagenaar

      I find big delays when clicking on parts in bigger assemblies (1000+) to edit the dimension.

      I test with the latest version.  It takes much longer before the dimensions are shown after

      double clicking on a part.  It also takes much longer to edit the dimension value after clicking

      on a dimension of a part in a big assembly.  And worst of all it takes even more to exit the

      dimension edit menu after you change a dimension. 

      It is not like seconds but part of a second but previous releases did not have a waiting time at all.

      I use about the fastest computer available and older releases do not have the delays.

      I had hoped new version to be faster instead of slower.


      I test on 2 different computers. I use the latest videodrivers for both Nvidea Quadro and AMD Firepro.

      It is slowing down the design process in bigger assemblies.


      Am I the only one with this problem? Any idea what could be the cause?

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          Anthony Remis

          What version of windows are you running? Windows 10 and I believe 8.1 in the task manager/performance tab will help see if there are any hardware "bottlenecks" such as a cpu core pegging 90%+ or maybe high disk usage as well as system ram.


          I also like to use msi afterburner (free) to monitor gpu and cpu useage when trying to troubleshoot performance issues. If all the hardware information looks good, it can just be software optimizations that need to be made, but at least you will know if its your system aging or just SW2016 that may need some work.