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How can I create alternate perspective views?

Question asked by Jonathan O'Connor on Apr 16, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Albert Griego

I have used Catia in the past and I was given a file that I "Uploaded" into the program that enabled me to select a multitude of different perspective views of an assembly. It was an easy way to manipulate the model so that, when I performed an outline capture, the assembly would conform to a standard display angle. The selections that were available were as follows:

1. Bird view, nose down left

2. Bird view, nose down right

3. Bird view, nose up left

4. Bird view, nose up right

5. Worm view, nose down left

6. Worm view, nose down right

7. Worm view, nose up left

8. Worm view, nose up right


Is there a way to do this in SolidWorks? I am trying to create views that will be used to create technical assembly documentation.


Thanks for all your help