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Why isn't my part fully defined with tolerances using DimXpert

Question asked by Allan Bowers on Apr 15, 2016
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I have a turned model barrel which I want to send out for manufacture using paperless eDrawing and so concluded that DimXpert was ideal. As the part is predominantly round I was not sure how to pick ideal datums for the Auto dimension tool. Here is what I chose and the resulting dimensions which as seen only partially define (Yellow) the part. I am not sure if there is sufficient info for a machinist to complete the job.




Tol Defn.png



I have tried manually adding location and size dims but it keeps over defining the part and I can't get any of the Yellow parts to Green or fully defined.


If the part had flat x, y and z surfaces on three features it would be easy to fully define. That is where I think it is having difficulties.


I could do a drawing and publish it to PDF but that rather defeated the purpose of trying to use MBD as it is intended.


As I am 12000 miles from where the part will be made, it makes sense to me to do it this way.


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