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Top-Down Design Table driven Assembly part question....

Question asked by Gavin Smith on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

Good Morning all,


I have recently returned to using Solidworks after a 6 month stint with Creo and one of the great benefits of Creo (maybe the only benefit.... though it's 'round' feature kills 'fillet' in solidworks for stability and logic) is that when working with "Family Table" parts and assemblies, Creo creates a new derived part/assy file for each instance in the family table which can be externally modified and then will propagate those changes back into the parent file.


Now that I am back with Solidworks I have started using Design Tables to drive assemblies for a door frame project I am working on which is driven around a top-down assembly method.


The design table is doing as it should and creating the configurations of all the different variations of the assembly, however what I would like it to do is to also generate the configurations in the parts so that I can generate the cut drawings of those parts at their required lengths based on the specifics of the door frame assembly. could someone please shed some light on how to go about this other than just drawing up hundreds of parts and features?