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    Multiple Screen Clicking Issue

    Connor McGuigan


      I'm having a issue with my screen that every time I click multiple screens appear. I've attached a screenshot to help show the problem. This has only began happening after I had upgraded to Windows 10. Any help on fixing this would be appreciated as its very annoying.



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          John Stoltzfus

          Graphic Card Issue - does it match SW recommended Card ? 


          We didn't upgrade to 10 yet, however do a search here on the forum, there was a lot of posts regarding Windows 10..

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            Tom Spine

            Are you using a Surface Pro with an external monitor, by any chance? See this thread for a similar problem and a solution: Graphics hiccup using SW2016 SP2 on Surface Pro 3



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                Alan Sweetenham

                Hi are you connecting to a second screen?


                This also  could be SPR 872249, we have had this on our new systems running Windows 10 when using medium (125%) text size connected to a second monitor.


                the Workaround is

                1. Disconnect Projector/extended monitor
                2. Move slider in  'Control Panel' > 'Appearance and Personalization' > 'Display' all the way to the left
                3. Log off and log on
                4. move slider back to the middle. (normal size).


                Not sure if Toms suggested workaroun would also work as it doesn't sound like exactly the same issue.


                If the workaorund above works ask your VAR (reseller) to add you to the SPR to ensure this gets fixed

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                Rick McDonald

                I noticed in your image that you are using a student version of SW. It also doesn't look like you are using SW2016.

                Versions of SW before SW2015 SP5 do not support Windows 10.

                Usually (if not always) the student versions also are not current versions (Student version 2016 is probably based on 2015).

                Close your SW application and then find the SolidWorks.exe file in your system (usually under C: Program files\Solidworks\Solidworks 20xx).

                Right click on the .exe file and select properties and then select "compatibility Mode".

                Set this to Windows 8 (not 8.1) or Windows 7 and see if that fixes the problems.