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one dimension determined by multiple dimensions(parametric design)

Question asked by Tom Kamp on Apr 14, 2016
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Dear Forum,

Currently i am working on a parametric design of a gimballing oven and furnace mount. our customers have complete free choice of which product to insert in the gimballing frame.

So my question is:"which equation to use for the part in the picture, which depends on 3 dimensions?"

The highlighted part connects to the frame of the rest of the kitchen. the upper part houses the stove and the big box houses the oven.

The length or width of the bluepart has to be respectively:

Bigger than the top part

Bigger than the box

and bigger than this formula that accounts for the swing.: = ( ( ( ( "Ovenwidth" / 2 ) - 190 ) / 0.9 ) + 172 ) * 2

How can i combine these?


thanks in advance