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    EPDM - Write Revision Data to "empty/available" placeholder

    Shaun Jalbert

      We have a custom Rev Table.

      and looks like this:


      $PRP:"REV 2"$PRP:"REV 2 DES"$PRP:"REV 2 DA"$PRP:"REV 2 DN"$PRP:"REV 2 PL"$PRP:"REV 2 CH"
      $PRP:"REV 1"$PRP:"REV 1 DES"$PRP:"REV 1 DA"$PRP:"REV 1 DN"$PRP:"REV 1 PL"$PRP:"REV 1 CH"
      $PRP:"REV 0"$PRP:"REV 0 DES"$PRP:"REV 0 DA"$PRP:"REV 0 DN"$PRP:"REV 0 PL"$PRP:"REV 0 CH"


      We're writing a new Workflow and want our rev table to populate like this:

      Revision table in epdm. | sagarbrahmbhatt


      Our issue is that when we write to our rev table, it starts populating at Rev A. Our next Rev, we want written in Rev 0. We don't want to move the prior revisions - we want the revisions to remain in the their original cell, and have the next revision populate the next empty cell. Only, when the rev table is full, only then we move the old revs down and re-populate the Rev 2 row.


      Can this be done, or are we asking for something that's impossible?


      Kindest regards,

      Shaun Jalbert

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          Charley Saint

          Possible, but a pretty big hassle to setup. You'll need 5 "Release" transitions, all with the same name and permissions, but conditions on each. This will look like one transition from the user standpoint but will use the conditions to pick which one to use. One will work if REV A, 0, 1, 2 are blank and writes to REV A. Another will see if REV A isn't blank and 0, 1 and 2 are and write to 0. The same for A, 0 not blank and 1, 2 is blank; then A, 0, 1 not and 2 blank. The 5th will check to see if they're all filled then implement the shifting process from that article. Good luck!