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How to import global variables and equations in Ansys?

Question asked by Federico Giacci on Apr 13, 2016

Hi all!

I have done these steps:

- tools>equations: I defined some global variable. Let's take as an example 'a'=100um

-I design a circle. With Smart dimensions I say that its diameter is ='a'.

-Now in equations I can see that D1@Sketch1='a'.

-Tools>Ansys Workbench


My final goal is: I am in Ansys, with all my variables and equations imported (how?), and I change a value of one parameter in Ansys, generate again the geometry and run a simulation, without going back to solidworks to modify the geometry. How can I do this?


I am really a novel, so if you can help me I would be grateful!

Thank you in advance