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Licensing disaster - Are any old bunkspeed user get their new license so far???

Question asked by Peter Hildebrandt on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Kenny Wilson

Good to see that some people are able to work with Visualize.

Seems to be that this are the guys coming from Solidworks only.


Are any old bunkspeed user get their new license so far???


I´m waiting for 12 weeks now!!!! Brian told me:next week.This is 5 weeks ago.Solidworks Germany told me: next week.

This was now 2 weeks ago.My Bunkspeed reseller can´t say anything.

He did not know at all, if he will be reseller in future or if he has to cooperate

with a solidworks reseller.This one knows not much about Visualize and nothing about licensing.

The only thing i heard is, that the cost for maintenance will increase dramatically.


The managment of the licensing is an absolute fiasco and i lost my patience and confidence in the product and Solidworks.

I have the suspicion, that the focus lies on the new Solidworks user which are a much bigger community compared

to the minority of bunkspeed users, which are more or less a collateral damage of the fusion.