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Writing an executable with Sw explorer's capabilities but faster, i need compatibilities testing

Question asked by Joel Condevaux on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by Joel Condevaux


I am working on a executable with the same function than SW Explorer but a lot  faster because using  an index.

You can download it here and let me know if it works on every configuration.

Solidworks is required.

You just have to paste it where you want and run.

It will ask you to select a folder to index (For the first time select a small folder with solidworks files)

In the left treeview you have the solidworks files and subfolder like in windows explorer.

if you select a file in the left treeview it will show you in the right treeview in wich files it's used (Every time you selec a node in the right treeview it will show the parent file)


I have tested it with SW 2015 and Windows 10.


Thanks to give feedback


Use this link to download: