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    Fluid Cut Plot Not Working

    James Lupinek

      Good Afternoon,


      Trying to insert a cut plot on a fresh project and it does not seem to be working for me. I am inserting a cut plot of fluid temp and when it goes to perform Boolean operations, it finds little to no triangles and finishes. When it is complete there is no fluid plot on the screen, just a temp range legend.


      I have bounced back to a previous project I had last year and the cut plots on that file are working fine. Even if I insert a new cut plot into the old file it works. Now I go to insert a cut plot into the new project with the exact same parameters and it doesn't work. Trajectories are working fine though.


      The oddest part about the whole thing. While selecting the parameters within the cut plot dialog window, you can option for a "detailed preview". That feature works! It shows the cut plot in the preview fine. Then you go to complete the operation and it disappears...


      Any thoughts?



      Solidworks 2015 SP4

      Nvidia Quadro K4200 @ Driver version 347.52

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          James Lupinek

          The options dialog within the cut plot has a series of check boxes. In the past I have always had "Use CAD geometry" checked. This was because when I had the box turned off, I could only see my plot without the profile of my steel enclosure.


          That being said. When I unchecked that box today on my current assembly, the cut plot worked...


          However I have that box active on my old projects and those plots work. Any experts out there on "Use CAD geometry"?


          For now I will continue on with my project, but I still need to address why this check box is giving me different results per project.


          Thanks to anyone who took a look at the post.


          - James -

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              Amit Katz

              What "use CAD geometry" does is cheat your plots. Instead of using the actual solid geometry that the solver calculated it uses the nice parametric geometry that was created or imported into SolidWorks, and the fluid is interpolated/cut off in those areas. I never use this feature, nor the "interpolate results" feature because like I said it's a cheat to make your results look nicer than they actually are. In your case I would put in some mesh cut plots and check that your fluid and solid boundaries are actually where you think they are, it sounds like you might have had a bad mesh or something.