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Can I dictate which machine gets which license?

Question asked by 1-5FX-472 on Nov 28, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by Brian Hughes
We started with 4 SolidWorks std and 1 Professional - All standalone. We then purchased one seat of SNL Premium that would be utilized by one of two machines in a different department. That worked as anticipated. If one of the two machines was using SolidWorks Premium, the other couldn't run SolidWorks.

Since then, we upgraded all the licenses to SNL and that's where the problems began. Because all the licenses are available to all the machines, both machines w/Premium can grab the Premium and Pro license respectively, and that leaves the Pro machine without the pro features.

As posted here, and as the VAR said; selected add-ons at startup dictates which license gets occupied. Almost works, but if the two premiums are started 1st, the premium and pro licenses are occupied. I'd like to sandbox the licenses to particular machines:
Premium to one of two machines; if license is occupied other machine can't start SolidWorks
Pro to one machine (can fall back if necessary) - but if I get this working, it will always have the corect license available to it.
Standard to remaining 5 machines

Here's the question: Can I use the FlexLM (2007 15/4.0) to dictate the above behavior? If so, are there any examples out on the web or in this forum?

Or is it possible any other way?

Thanks in advance,