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SW wastes too much of my time NOT HAPPY!

Discussion created by Shane Kozlowski on Apr 12, 2016
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What reason is there for rebuilding an entire 130+ bodied multibody part 10 times sequentially... Does it really need to load and rebuild my entire model for each and every drawing view on my sheet?! I've been waiting here for 5 minutes watching my model rebuild over and over again just because I opened a drawing. This is a little ridiculous... I'm almost positive I don't even have enough drawing views to constitute the extremely excessive amount of sequential rebuilds. I am wasting far too much time waiting on this and I can't even interrupt it. GREAT! Either I crash out the program and never open that drawing again or I waste time and money because a drawing with 6 views had to rebuild 20 times in a row.... pointless. Then guess what, more waiting. Because, a sketch with 5 broken relations has to send me the same generic "sketch has relations or dimensions that are no longer in the model" 5 separate times with no specific detail to each relation, which would almost warrant this excessive redundancy. I understood there was an error after the first warning. I don't need to see, hear, and wait for the same pop up 20+ times for one sketch!