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Applying force on a face in global coordinates?

Question asked by Dustin Byrtus on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Keith Frankie

Relatively new to Solidworks Simulation, but not to structural FEM as a whole. I have a face that I'd like to apply a force to, but using the global coordinate system as I've hand resolved the force into the interface in global coords. Is there a way I can do that? Solidworks wants me to either apply the force normal to the face (which is curved) or to specify a directional plane? Is there some way of inputting the distributed force on the nodes in X, Y and Z coordinates?


Perhaps another way I can accomplish this is with a bearing load, however solidworks only gives me two axes to apply in. This makes sense as there would be no axial (relative to the curve) load but I can't seem to define a CSYS in the model and be able to click it in simulation (for when I'm specifying direction).


For a force I want to be able to apply in global coordinates, but it only lets me work in a local system that I cant seem to figure out.

For a bearing load I want to be able to apply in a local csys, but it only lets me work in two given directions in global.


Can anyone lend a hand?


EDIT: I have been able to get a csys working for bearing load, but I still cant apply the load as a component of two directions. This is mandatory as I have a series of load cases where the resultant is in different directions and it would be massively time consuming to make a new rotated csys for each resultant. My goal is to set up the simulation to be able to run all of my load cases.