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    Applying force on a face in global coordinates?

    Dustin Byrtus

      Relatively new to Solidworks Simulation, but not to structural FEM as a whole. I have a face that I'd like to apply a force to, but using the global coordinate system as I've hand resolved the force into the interface in global coords. Is there a way I can do that? Solidworks wants me to either apply the force normal to the face (which is curved) or to specify a directional plane? Is there some way of inputting the distributed force on the nodes in X, Y and Z coordinates?


      Perhaps another way I can accomplish this is with a bearing load, however solidworks only gives me two axes to apply in. This makes sense as there would be no axial (relative to the curve) load but I can't seem to define a CSYS in the model and be able to click it in simulation (for when I'm specifying direction).


      For a force I want to be able to apply in global coordinates, but it only lets me work in a local system that I cant seem to figure out.

      For a bearing load I want to be able to apply in a local csys, but it only lets me work in two given directions in global.


      Can anyone lend a hand?


      EDIT: I have been able to get a csys working for bearing load, but I still cant apply the load as a component of two directions. This is mandatory as I have a series of load cases where the resultant is in different directions and it would be massively time consuming to make a new rotated csys for each resultant. My goal is to set up the simulation to be able to run all of my load cases.