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    EPDM client version number

    Steve Reinisch

      What is the latest EPDM client version number? When I look at the 'SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in' in the 'Task Host Configuration' I have 201501745 I assume that is 2015 and not the latest 2016 version.



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          Charley Saint

          Hey Steve,


          From the Installation Guide:


          Updating Add-ins

          1. In the Enterprise PDM administration tool, under the file vault, expand Add-ins.

          2. To update the Dispatch add-in:

          a) Right-click Dispatch and click Remove.

          b) Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the add-in.

          c) Right-click Add-ins and click New Add-in.

          d) Locate the appropriate Dispatch add-in on the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM DVD

          under \Support\Dispatch\.

          On a 64-bit operating system, select both Dispatch.dll and Dispatch64.dll.

          e) Click Open.

          3. In the Properties dialog box, click OK.

          4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for any other add-ins that are not multi-threaded.

          The updated add-ins are distributed automatically to the other clients when they log in.

          Upgrading the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in

          To ensure that the latest, updated version of an add-in such as the SOLIDWORKS Task

          Add-in is running, you must manually upgrade the add-in.

          When you upgrade a file vault to a new service pack or version, existing add-ins are not

          automatically updated. This is to prevent updated information in the add-ins from

          overwriting your customizations.

          For example, you may have customized the tasks controlled by the SOLIDWORKS Task

          Add-in. You can continue to use your customized tasks and not upgrade. However, you

          will not be able to use new task functionality and may have problems starting tasks and

          processing upgraded SOLIDWORKS files.

          To allow you to manually upgrade tasks, .cex files containing updates for the

          SWTaskAdd-in and the Convert, Design Checker, and Print tasks are copied to the

          C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM\Default Data\ folder. You import one or

          more of these files to update the SWTaskAdd-in and the tasks it supports.