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Getting Encountered an error opening Document in 2016

Question asked by John Lhuillier on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by John Lhuillier

It seems like since updating to 2016 I am getting the warning that SW failed to open the document for an unknown reason error. I open up the assembly file & make whatever changes that need to be made. Then I open up the drawings and almost every time the drawing fails to open with the included warning. I then close that drawing file & then close the assembly file saving the changes as it closes & then exit Solidworks. When I restart Solidworks & open up the saved assembly, I can then open up the drawing without it giving me the error message. Gets to be very frustrating & costly wasting the time I have to. It's also not specific to any assembly or drawing but just about every one that I've worked with.