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Error with sheet metal thickness global variable and custom property variable?

Question asked by Roman Lech on Apr 12, 2016

I recently got bumped up to SolidWorks Premium 2015 SP5.0 from SP3.0 on a Windows 10 machine.

Windows 10 and SP3.0 were not playing along well, understandably, but this problem does not seem to be related to W10 as it did not exist in SP3.0 on W10 or W7.


When I opened up my first assembly, I noticed that every sheet metal part in the assembly tree lit up with a warning and it turned out to highlight the "Thickness" global variable that is created when you create a sheet metal part.


Since first switching to SolidWorks many years ago, we created a custom property called "THICKNESS" to call up the sheet metal thick and call that up in an assembly BOM.  We never had a problem with that.


The equation uses a file property name Thickness that shares the same name as a linked dimension in this model.  The file property will now take precedence and you should consider renaming one of the items


The error is clear, but there is no way I'm going through every part on our CAD drive and changing every single custom property value name and updating all BOM's to fix the link.


I have brought this up with Javelin and they have send this out to SolidWorks "SR 1-10732431991"  The only thing I can come up with is that prior to SP5.0 case sensitivity made the custom property and global variable name unique.  Now in SP5.0, case sensitivity doesn't apply?  I feel bad for our IT guy because we might need to downgrade to windows 7 and SP3.0 on all our machines...


Anyone else having this problem?  Any help would be appreciated.