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    Not Enough Boundary Conditions

    Benson Sit
      I am trying to simulate the deformation of the (copper)ring when a tensile stress is applied to the OD of thenon-slotted area. Apply only the normal stresses and norestraints will give me a  message of "Not EnoughBoundary Conditions" when I execute the analysis. I do notwant to (fix) restrain any of the surfaces because it wouldcompromise the  result.

      Does anybody know how to apply the appropriate stresses/ boundarycondition to simulate this scenario ?
      Thanks in advance !
        • Not Enough Boundary Conditions
          Bill Reuss
          Have you tried the "Use Soft Springs" option in the study properties?

          • Not Enough Boundary Conditions
            genexxer genexxer
            Hi Benson...
            I suggest the restraint on a face oriented normal to the axial direction be held constant with respect to the axis. so it won't slip along the axis. but why would it anyway?...you have axisymmetric pressure. The pressure may be axisymmetric but the mesh definetely may not be but may still be dense enough to provide useful results within convergence criteria. The point here is that the mesh isn't necessarily perfectly axisymmetric and small non zero forces can cause acceleration. This type of restraint is meant to have little effect on the tangential stress results you probably seek since it can still deform radially under this pressure.