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Creating a part starting from a curve

Question asked by Brian Bagnall on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Brian Bagnall

Hi, I used an equation in a spreadsheet to calculate a curve. This is probably too much info but the data for the curve is attached.

Then it was imported into SolidWorks 2015 from the Features tab using Curves > Curve Through XYZ Points > Browse > Text file.

It created a nice curve in SolidWorks as shown in the image in attachment 2.

Normally I've started parts by sketching basic shapes on a plane and extruding them and have never tried creating a part starting from a curve, but in this case the part must use this particular curve shape. As you can see the curve is like a spiral and doesn't really adhere to any particular plane. Does anyone know how to give the curve thickness and depth so that I can 3D print the part? (I don't need 3D printing instructions, just how to perhaps sketch/extrude from a curve.)

The width of the object will be a uniform 5 mm and height a uniform 20 mm.