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Losing SolidCAM 2015 data in our SolidWorks parts

Question asked by Chris B. on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Chris B.

Hi All,


Say you have a SolidWorks file with SolidCAM data in it.

If someone without a SolidCAM license opens that part, modifies it and saves, does that destroy that SolidCAM data in that part file?


In SolidCAM 2015, all the CAM data is bundled within the actual SolidWorks files.  (In earlier versions that CAM data was a separate file).


Our R&D team has SolidWorks 2015, but no SolidCAM licenses.

Our machine shop has SolidWorks 2015 and SolidCAM 2015 licenses.


R&D will create a part, check it into EPDM.

Machine shop checks out that part, adds their SolidCAM machining data.  Then they check it back into EPDM.

If R&D checks out that part again, and makes any mods and checks it back in, all the SolidCAM data is gone when machine shop checks it out again.


Any insights are appreciated