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Beams won't be detected in SWSimulation

Question asked by Arsya Ar on Apr 10, 2016

Hello guys

I'm designing a simple car chassis to be used for a contest and for further information, i just finished the tutorial on weldment so i'm a newbie in weldments.

The trouble that i'm having:

1. Last night i mirrored the half left part of the chassis to make a whole. Then after starting solidworks simulation, static load, putting fixtures loads etc, i ran the study.

While showing the deformation, i noticed that nearly 1/3 of my beams (structure member) was not showing in the result. Thus the deformation went really bad because the missing beams. I need help on the weldments so that all of them will show properly in the simulation.

2. If you noticed, i made some welds on the rear curved pipe roof brace because i used multiple arcs instead of a single spline. Can you combine it or else so it would be treated a single pipe?

3. If mirrored, some of the middle beams intersection (from the front to the rear) will be treated as joints. Can you edit all of the middle intersection so that all of them become a single beam with their mirrored partner (so there will be no more joints in the middle)?


Perhaps by eliminating one problem will help eliminating others too, but my mind feels like bursting..

I attached the file here. Feel free to repair it so it would achieve best results.

If you can upload the repaired design and point out the problems you met there, i would very appreciate it.

chassis v3.jpg