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NVIDIA fx1300 woes

Question asked by John Reinhard on Nov 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2007 by Travis Andrews
I have a Nvidia Fx 1300 card.  If I run SW with normalhardware OpenGL, after a few minutes of building a model of not tomuch complexity, SW starts to bog down; any view transformationgoes slow and choppy and eventually SW will crash.  I havetried the SW supported version number of the driver. I have triednewer versions of the driver.  I try the pre-built SolidWorksapp settings.  It just won't work.  It is not my card,since this is actually in a lab with many computers and cards ofthe exact same config and they all do the same thing, but work finewith other apps. that use OpenGL.

Has anyone else run into this and solved it by tinkering withadvanced graphic driver settings or any other way?