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convert to sheetmetal

Question asked by Clinton Clinton Grover on Apr 9, 2016

I am using convert to sheetmetal to make an oil tank assembly. I make a solid that all the parts are based off of and then insert the same solid into each part and convert. This allows me to make complicated shapes fit together in place perfectly and easily update. Unfortunately... its not robust. I have a few parts that, any time I change the base solid, they lose all the bend-edge selections in the convert to sheetmetal feature and do not rebuild, even with Ctrl-Q. If I go to edit the convert to sheetmetal feature it then "finds" the edges immediately and all I have to do is hit check and it fixes itself but it's really annoying and not ok for production. Someone else could come in and change a minor feature of the base solid and "break" the finicky parts and not even realize it. Any suggestions as to why it does this on a few parts? How to make it better? I can't guarantee that you'll be able to replicate the problem because when I made a new part from this solid the problem went away. The part in question was the green part in this example.