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    3D path on curved surface for mate?

    Breton Losch

      I have a hollow cylinder with a path on its inside surface.  I have a solid cylinder with a tab that fits in the path.  I am trying to figure out how to mate these two so that as the cylinders turn, the solid cylinder moves up and down following the path.  I'm using Solidworks 2014.  Thanks.



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          Alan Thomason

          Hi Bret...


          Here is what I have done in the past with a similar problem:

          1. Create a smooth path using 'FitSpline'.  In your case I converted an edge but ideally (in my opinion) for a camshaft this would be defined mathematically and imported using XYZ coordinates.

          2. Draw a sphere, with the center at the origin.

          3. Draw a line on the follower central to the driven pin.

          4. Mate that line to the center of the sphere concentrically.

          5. Mate the origin of the sphere to the spline using a Path Mate.

          6. Ignore the warnings about Path Mate.

          7. Hide the sphere.


          I did a quick solution for you attached below, but the pin is incorrectly located as centered on a wall.  I think though that this should get you on the right path.  For you final work, I would recommend creating another path that is the midpoint of the other two.  Check the Motion tab, as the assembly is also animated.


          A couple of extra notes..

          - By connecting straight lines and arcs, the intersection points are infinite acceleration.  If this part is intended for high speed, you might not be pleased with the results.  I design internal combustion engine valvetrain profiles, so if you have a customer that needs the actual profile designed don't hesitate to contact me.

          - Path Mate produces lots of warnings.  I don't understand these warnings 100%, but I have used Path Mates in this fashion for some time and they work about as well as the other advanced Mates in SolidWorks (cams, tangential, etc). So, I just ignore the warnings.  If someone else has different advice there I would also appreciate hearing this.


          Best of Luck