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How to import step file in solidworks using

Question asked by Suresh Vijayan on Apr 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Suresh Vijayan


i am facing problem in importing the step file in solidworks using


i used the api help, with that reference i used loadfile2 option to import step file.

but it showing error kindly help me to solve this problem

thanks in advance.

below i attached by code.

stepfiles = path of the stepfile


public string ConvertingStpFile(string strStpFilePath)





            //=========================================Gets the Files From the folder=====================================




            string[] stpFilesFolder = Directory.GetFiles(strStpFilePath);          



            foreach (string StepFiles in stpFilesFolder)


                isldWorks.LoadFile2(StepFiles, "r");



return strStpFilePath;