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Form Tool creation / lib

Discussion created by Christopher Thompson on Nov 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2007 by Anna Wood
I have a question about Best Practices in using /creating a forming tool library. I need to create a forming tool for placing a rib in the curved section of this part. I noticed SW has installed a sample forming tool library at <install_dir>\data\design library\forming tools.<br /><br />As I plan to upgrade to SW 2008 next year, should I add the new forming tool to this directory, or store the form tool in the current project directory? I have not used design libraries other than toolbox for fasteners, and plan to use electrical routing in the near future. I do not currently store these files on a network drive. However, when I send these files to a client (including the forming tool), they may store them on a network drive.<br /><br />As my client uses AutoCAD (not Inventor), can STEP, IGES, etc be imported into AutoCAD? Otherwise, I could export the drawing as a DWG.