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    Take over ownership

    Christian Chu

      As an admin, is there a way to take ownership of a file from a user

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          Jaja Jojo

          what do you mean by take ownership, is it like that owning the file created by others?

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            Prasad Bhonsule

            Hi Christian, in PDM, whoever has the file checked out, is the "owner". They have to check back in to release ownership. As an Admin user, you can do what's known as an "Undo Checkout" which will take away ownership of the file from its user, but will also get rid of any changes the user made to the file while they had it checked out.


            Hope this helps.


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                Christian Chu

                Thanks, Prasad,

                Good to know - just in case the user gets sick  and files need to be checked out by other users

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                    Brian McEwen

                    The Admin can actually go and save a copy of the user's changed file too, if you suspect they worked on it significantly, before using Undo Checkout... I can't remember if this requires login in at their actual computer, I think it does.


                    There is also a training issue here, tell them to check in stuff they think might be good (if changes are not good they can just get the older version later). More check ins is better.  If they are really just messing around they should save the file to a new name. 

                    And teach them other ways to find stuff rather than just keeping it checked-out. I think that is one reason people leave things checked out too long.

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                        Christian Chu

                        Thanks, Brian

                        The bad thing is: some engineers want to keep the ownership as long as they could and don't want anyone messing their parts

                        For me, I tried to check in all my parts as often as I can - at least once a day - just in case my local hard drive crashes or anything happens I still have another copies on the Vault (Server) which is backup daily

                        As I mentioned in earlier mesg, the user gets sick and off few days and other users need to access the files to make changes

                        Then I need to take over the ownership and someone else can work on these files

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                            Jim Sculley

                            If you can log in to their physical machine, you can log in to EPDM and check in files as the admin user, even if they were checked out by someone else.  This preserves their changes.  From the EPDM Administration Guide:


                            Admin User Account

                            A SOLIDWORKS PDM vault has a special Admin user account, with administrative privileges

                            that no other user accounts have.

                            The Admin user account:

                            • Is the only active user account in a new vault.

                            • Cannot be disabled, renamed, or deleted in a vault.

                            • Is the only user that can search and view files that are currently in another user's

                            private state (i.e. added files that have never been checked in).

                            • Can delete a file that is checked out by another user or in another vault view.

                            Can check in (or undo check out) a file that is checked out by another user.

                            • Has access to all search favorites.


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                            Ryan McVay

                            People have to remember that they are dealing with a PDM system that has many more control functions than a standard MS File Explorer. Using the proper permissions for groups and users on folders can alleviate a lot of pain of the constantly Check-in/check-out functions.

                            User also need to understand that Checked-out means that the file is local on the pc and no one will see the updates until the file is checked-in. They also need to understand the differences between versions and revisions!!