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Have multiple checkboxes control one variable

Question asked by Dave LeCount on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by Dave LeCount

On one of my data cards I have several checkboxes that I we use to flag if a file is controlled by a customer.  Each checkbox is tied to a specific customer.  For example, I have these variables tied to checkboxes:





We have it set in our workflow so if someone tries to revise/release a file under control of a customer who is not authorized to make changes to a controlled file, they're prevented because not all the conditions will have been met at the time of release.  To try to help our users out even more with identifying customer controlled files vs. non-customer controlled files, I thought it would be nice to a column to my column set for "Customer Controlled" and have it show "Yes" or "No" if one of the checkboxes above is ticked.


Can I set up a third variable so that if either of the first two (or both) are ticked on the card, the third variable would record as "Yes" so that I can have it appear under my column set?