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BOM and custom properties builder

Question asked by Carlos Marquez on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by Dan Pihlaja

Need help! After creating an assembly, i usually create my drawing templates. Then i add a BOM based on the assembly. However, when i add in the BOM template, the quantities per part are being multiplied by some unknown number when i apply a custom property! However, before i apply a custom property, the quantity in BOM template is correct. For example, if there is one item each of certain parts, then the BOM will only show 1 per. When i go and apply a custom property, the quantity changes to some random number. sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes to a decimal amount! Can someone shed some light on what may be happening? See attached image. The weldment is for one of each, but as you can see, item #2 is showing a quantity of 16, but it should only be 1.


any thoughts?