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weldment frame HE100B trim_extend

Question asked by Marc Groep on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by Marc Groep

Hello All


i have the following situation

I made a sketch, just a square,  Used HE100b beans and standard the beans are cut on 45%, looks ok.


Now i want the long beams run over the full length and the short ones in between

Here i changed de endings to End But 1. (fig2)


When i now use weldments->trim/extend and i take the short beam first (or last makes no differents) i getting this:

The top and bottom of the HE is cut away and its shortend. extend doesn't do anythink

( one option is making 2 groups, but why does SW do this)

What do i do wrong?


Hope to hear some tips advice or a solution.

Kind regards