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API importing multiple txt file as xyz curves

Question asked by Shar Fa on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by Josh Brady

Hi guys!


The Background

I have multiple text files with increment titles (Solid_Curve_1....Solid_Curve_2 ... Solid_Curve_21 ...)

Each set of coordinates (e.g Solid_Curve_1) contains a set of xyz points in space:

-0.006477 0.003790 0.016829

-0.006301 0.004081 0.016760

-0.006102 0.004171 0.016738

-0.005820 0.004210 0.016728

-0.005429 0.004265 0.016714

-0.004933 0.004336 0.016696

-0.004332 0.004418 0.016675

...................and goes on.........


The Goal

I want each set to do a curve through XYZ points to create the profiles, by opening a dialog box giving the option to choose which txt files i want to import + create3dsketch + convert entities to a new part.



Reference (tried working the macros + editing = no success so far...)

macro for creating curves reading coordinates from textpad

Macro for curve through xyz to import several curves in one

Importing multiple data sets from text file

Is there any way to import multiple XYZ curves from a single file?



Thanks !