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Can Solidworks properly model hyper elastic fatigue

Question asked by Jeff Daring on Apr 7, 2016

I need to create a metric for fatigue output based on a rubber (for example a strain amplitude vs. cycles to failure curve) for a vibration dampening mount.  I have been told that solid works cannot handle hyper elastic material behavior that includes softening (mullins, hysteresis, creep), crack growth/closure, etc accurately.  I have been forced to look into fe-safe/rubber in order to complete my task. 


Has anyone had success modeling rubber fatigue with solid works?  I can use a number of hyper elastic models, but prefer to use ogden or arruda-boyce.  I have not even had success in creating a hyper elastic material using the coefficients for these equations as well as the damage criterion.  I have been learning abaqus (ugh). 


Any help is greatly appreciated.