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Change the administrative path to the clients

Question asked by Marco Vedovato on Nov 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by Brian Hughes
Hi, it's the first time that write in this forum...and is the firsttime that install Solidwork from administrative image...I thinkthat i've read all documentation and post but i have a smalldoubt.
Suppose that i use a simple pc (with Windows XP SP2) for create anddeploy to clients the administrative image of SW2007 SP4.0, ok nowmy clients use SW2007 SP4.0 happily.....
I want update to SP5.0...., ok it's very simple, update onlyadministrative image and when client start solidwork automaticallyupdate to SP5.0, but there is a little problem, meanwhile i'vechange my pc...
ok i can recreate the administrative image but my clients don'tupdates automatically....
Now i must change the first administrative path with the new pathto the clients, there is a registry key for this ?
How can I solve this problem

best regard