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    Any issues with SW2016?

    Brad Hakeman

      We hear from our corporate office that we will upgrade to the latest version when the final Service Pack has been released.  They heard from their local VAR that 2016 is at it's final release, which I thought I heard was SP3.


      Aside from Server speed (accessing licenses and general performance of working over the network), I have enjoyed using 2015.  Have there been any issues with 2016 and is it time to look at updating?


      One feature I would like is PDM Standard.  Our corporate office uses EPDM but our office is currently using server space (Pack and Go) for all of our work.

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Brad ,


          I would encourage you to search the forum to see the general experience with SolidWorks 2016 but I would say besides the big discussion on the UI change and a few regressions due to it, that 2016 has been ok for the most part...In my Oppinion.


          One thing to keep in mind is that traditionally SolidWorks has 5 Service Packs per year so SP3 is not the last release of the 2016 cycle.

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              Brad Hakeman

              I mentioned the big change to the UI and the Enhancement Request to 'change it back' when we were asked for our feelings of switching to 2016.


              I think every major release has had users that either love or hate it.


              I thought it was odd, too that they are under the impression that SP3 is the last release for 2016.


              One reason I hear that corporate wants to shift to 2016 is that some of their vendors are already on 2016.  We are still in the process of rolling out 2015 SP5 so working with 'future version' files shouldn't be an issue, right?  Unless they want to modify those files in some way.

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                  Jeff Mirisola

                  I would take what you find on here regarding 2016 with a grain of salt. There is a very vocal group who, seemingly, hate 2016 beyond just the UI change.

                  I haven't had any major issues with it, and I use it on three different systems. The color, or lack thereof, doesn't bother me and the icon changes have only been a minor annoyance.

                  SP3 most definitely will not be the last SP release of 2016.

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                Brad Hakeman

                My mistake, I was going with 2nd-hand information.  I have been told that the VAR told them that 2016 SP3 is a "stable" release. Corporate's opinion is "we pay for the upgrades" (yay for subscription).


                All is well I guess. 


                We switched from 2012 to 2015 this year, and with multiple locations and EPDM vault, they put in a lot of work getting from 2012 to 2015.

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                    Paul Salvador

                    wow,.. (shaking my head)... well, sp3 is only at EV.. and you guys recently did a major shift from 2012 to 2015?

                    ..imho, the only positive,.. 2015 sux so,... I guess there is only one decision direction...

                    seriously tho,,.. it is a big risk and if I had investments in your company, I'd consider reevaluating..

                    ..anyway, sounds like your customer(s) who have switched to 2016 are the primary motivation.. and, as a one man shop, I get that reasoning.

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                    John Matrishon

                    Heading to SW2016 around the 18th here.  I mentioned holding off until SP3 to have the option of the "classic" colors just to dampen any real backlash, but they want to press forward anyway.   Vendors at 2016 was also a major push.


                    Brad, going from 15 to 16 should not be as bad as 12 to 15, but if you have a large group, you may want to look at EPDM instead of the Standard.   Are you guys on SW Professional?


                    I agree with Jeff, careful what you read on the forums, everyone is going to experience it differently.


                    There are some definite fixes to the underlying code that will help overall.  Tom Spine and Kevin Berni were just at my last meeting presenting on the new UI and it was quite interesting!!


                    I'll report back our experience after the 18th.

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                      Ryan McVay

                      Since everyone's experience and software usage (how many different features/functions and modules) you utilize will be different your results with 2016 will be different. Your best bet it to copy a dataset and test, test, test! Sw2016 may be fine for you.

                      As for backward compatibility between 2016 and 15 I was under the impression that this only worked between 2015 SP5 and 2016 SP0. I could be wrong and I'm positive someone will correct me..at least I hope they will.


                      I would ENSURE that your EPDM Standard vault will be able to migrate to your corporate vault. Or ensure that your vault is setup very similarly to current vault. Otherwise you could have a mess migrating to your corporate vault with have to remap variables/attributes, workflow states, version and revision rules, part naming, serial number, etc.

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                        Glenn Schroeder

                        There are a couple of new enhancements that are catching some folks by surprise.  I'd encourage you to review 2016 What's New in SOLIDWORKS - Welcome to SOLIDWORKS 2016.

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                          Steve Calvert

                          Did you get forum credit for answering your own question? 


                          Steve C