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Lino 2D-fix

Question asked by Alex K. on Apr 6, 2016
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I´m trying to "automate" or "semi-automate" drawings for a variety of drawings from similar parts. The problem is usually I´d have to edit or at least review the positions of the measurements and annotations everytime manually.


After some investigations i found an Add-In wich can fix this problem - It´s called Lino 2D-Fix (you can find a short description of the functionality in the following link to a Youtube Video)

Lino 2D fix (3) - Automatic positioning of elements and drawing views in SolidWorks - YouTube

Has anybody expieriences with this Add-In or with comparable solutions to this problem?

I´m open to everything - just from what i´ve found so far --> there is no other tool with this functionality on the market???



How do you guys automate your models and more importand your drawings?