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    jogging ordinate dimensions

    Alan Knapper

      Is there any predictability in which direction an ordinate dimension stack will jog? Is there any way to break an un-jogged ordinate to manually manipulate it in a desired direction?

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          Alan Knapper


          This picture illustrates what I'm talking about. The three lower groups jog away from my center line. I'd like to be able to do the same with the top group.

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            Dan Pihlaja

            Hello Alan,

            I assume that you are allowing SolidWorks to automatically job ordinates for you.  I personally have this feature turned off because the auto jog feature never places them how I want them (I might be a perfectionist when it comes to my drawings, but this is the closest thing that I will have to having an "art form" ).


            So I turned off the auto jog feature:


            And I jog my ordinates manually:


            This gives you this:


            Then you can just drag the dimension to either side, depending on your preference.


            The two blue squares allow you to change the angle and position of the jog:


            Hope this helps.