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Toolbox Configurations, Part Numbers, BOM, and User Specified Name

Question asked by Nicholas Skoolicas on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Faur Arama

Toolbox parts. Updated the manager and told them all to have part numbers matching our database, and descriptions. Having trouble with getting the correct part number to show up on BOMs.


In the configuration properties of a toolbox part, I see that you can change between "Document Name", "Configuration Name", and "User Specified Name".

Document is out as that's not helpful.


I might be able to use Configuration, but then the configurations themselves, instead of verbose descriptions in the design tree. They'll also be inane DP0072 like on the database.

Last is the User Specified name which is great... but then I have to manually go through every configuration and set that to what it is in the Database. Which I could do. But when done, I'll have gone quite insane.


So, Solutions, Haxors, Wisdom?