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Expand Feature Manager Folder

Question asked by John Howell on Apr 5, 2016

Hello All,


Hopefully there is a simpler way of going about Expanding a Folder in an Assembly than what I'm finding via on-line help, API examples and/or recording a Macro.


Using a AddIn, I'm adding a Folder to an Assembly, naming it, then inserting some parts into the Assembly (as the user checks boxes on a form) and moving them to the folder. This works.


The folder comes in Collapsed, so the user can't see what is being added to the folder while they are checking the boxes. While this isn't functionally a problem, it would be nice if I could simply expand the folder so they see the parts as they are added.


One would think the Feature object would have an .expand and .collapse method, but no...


I got this to partially work using the TreeControlItem object to recurse the tree and expand the folder, however 1) it expands everything below it (including the parts, so you see all the part features) and 2) the folder subsequently collapses as soon as another part is moved into it.


Any ideas? It seems a really simple task that is proving to be very difficult.


Thanks for any help!