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Batch move parts and update the references in the drawings

Question asked by Dustin Byrtus on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Danny Bradford

So we're currently not working on a PDM (its incoming, but taking its time) and are looking to move some parts around without breaking the links in the respective drawings.


On a network drive we have a couple different locations where parts/assemblies are worked on, yet there is a single master directory where all the drawings are kept and worked on. Naturally, we want to move all of the working models/assemblies to a single master location yet prevent the references that the drawings have from breaking.


I'm aware I can do a Move in SW Explorer, but that is only for a single file. This isn't a major concern for small assemblies, but is very time consuming for some of our assemblies were we have a large number of parts. Fortunately, each top level assembly and its subassemblies/piece parts are well organized on their own. Is there some way I can move the whole assembly together instead of one file? I've seen people doing the opposite, and understand I can easily move the drawings as its an absolute reference to the location of the part file (which isn't changing) but not this.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!