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Problem! Toolbar location reset every time!

Question asked by roberto gennari on Apr 5, 2016


I have an addin where I built 5 toolbar.

The SolidWorks version where I installed  the add-in  is 2016 sp2 (in other versions have not tried)

My problem is that each time you start the PC, the Toolbars does not keep the location, but all lead to the right side.

I tried to follow the suggestion of the post

CommandManager Toolbar not remembering state

but nothing changes.


Have you any solution for this problem?

Thanks to everybody




This is my code:

   Public Sub RemoveCommandMgr()



           iCmdMgr.RemoveCommandGroup2(mainCmdGroupID, True)


        Catch e As Exception

         End Try

    End Sub


In the Addin code:


        cmdGroup = iCmdMgr.CreateCommandGroup2(mainCmdGroupID, "&MyAddin", ToolTip, "", -1, ignorePrevious, cmdGroupErr)

        If cmdGroup Is Nothing Or thisAssembly Is Nothing Then

                   Throw New NullReferenceException()

        End If